You must see and hear, and then comes the conviction: 'I'm a believer', and possibly 'Forever in bluejeans' along with 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Cracklin Rosie' is enjoying this 'Beautiful Noise Band' complete with 'Solitary Man' Ben 'Diamond' Spierings! If you understand what I mean, If you know what I mean ...!

Ben Spierings - Singer

Already at an early age, Ben began singing. When he was about 10 years old, he regularly sang Mama "van Heintje, for his mother. On his 12th, he began to sing English songs, such as" The Belle Tees "" Ma Belle Ami ". At his 15th he won his first singing contest, like Elvis Presley with "One Night." That was in his birthplace Lieshout, which has been his song for many years. Wherever he could, he began to sing. In 1984 he collaborated with Jos Scheepers in a playoff game like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury with "Under Pressure." The first prize became. A year later, they were in the Hennie Huisman's playback show, and he also sang in different bands. Until 1993, when he joined the soundmix show as Neil Diamond with " If You Know What I Mean. "He achieved a nice achievement with the 2nd place in the finals, since he has acted like Neil Diamond. So, you're a Neil Diamond fan, you can enjoy the best copy of Neil Diamond . For years, Ben had plans for a band t e to perform with him performances on the larger stages in the Netherlands and beyond. Up to a year ago, I came into contact with some musicians who would like to do that and we started to find a good mix of musicians.